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Portable Light Battery Storage

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BakUpBox Video

Unlimited Power Ltd. has issued utility and design patents protecting the BakUpBox in the US and Internationally. This video gives you introduction to the BakUpBox.

What it does

Combat Ready Power

The BakUpBox MilSpec unit is designed to charge quickly and provide up to 1000Wh of power for active missions. The MilSpec unit weighs less than the current weapons and ammo load todays troops carry. At less than 30 seconds it has the quickest set up time of any military solar product available.

Disaster Preparedness

In a disaster, the BakUpBox can provide emergency power to keep your electronics running for days. When the unit runs out of power, just set it in a window or outside and it will recharge from solar in hours, not days like some other units.

Power on the Go

You can use the BakUpBox  anywhere and at anytime, day or night! The stored solar energy can be used for camping, in your RV, Tailgating or for work around your house.  The uses are "unlimited!"

About the Bakupbox

BakUpBox Specs

The BakUpBox™ line of portable solar generators designed to run small electronics like  42 inch LCD TV, or a small 50 watt heater when the power goes out. It will recharge popular models of cellphones and laptops for up to 10 days of use! You can recharge the BakUpBox from solar panels.

The BakUpBox™ is  designed by veterans.  They have been purchased by counties, utilities, the US Military and the U.S. Border Patrol. 

Charge Times with supplied Solar panels: 6-8 hr


AC Inverter: US (120 V, 60 Hz pure sine wave)

500W continuous, 1000W peak (1 min),

DC Output: USB 5V @ 3A  

DC Output, Car port: 12V @ 12.5A

Charging port: DC Input 12-36V receptacle

Shelf Life:6 years

Battery Details

Chemistry: LiFePO4 pack with automatic cell balancing

Battery capacity: W-h 500 +

Rated Charge / Discharge cycles: 2000 +

User Interface

Type: sound

Input type: Button

Communication: 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)

USB: Yes

Safety / Environmental

MIL-STD-810G: Humidity, Operational temperature, Blowing Sand and Dust, Drop Test

Operating Temperature: -20 to 60 C

Safety:  UL1741, EMI, FCC IP Rating 65 +


Weight: >30 lbs max

AC Inverter efficiency: 99%

Grid capable:No

Micro-Grid tie capable (tie to each other:)


Input Voltage, AC

120 VAC +/-10%

Housing: Steel case

Invented in the Carolinas, Made in the USA

The BakUpBox was conceived and designed by teams in North and South Carolina. The BakUpBox is 100% manufactured in the USA. We use suppliers from all over the US and because our founder is a Service Disabled Vet, we work with small veteran owned companies where we can. 

Real testimonials

"Last time the power went out, my 13 year old was able to hook up her computer and the Wifi and finish her school project." -Terry D.

"I used it for Mission Critical Power on an OCONUS deployment  and it preformed way beyond my expectations." -Dave W. USMC (Ret) 


"I use my BakUpBox every time I take my Cub Scout Troop camping. We use it for security, recharging phones and for training.  Every adult leader should have one." -Hal J.

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